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Host a workshop for the Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners you serve

2-Day, In-person QuickBooks Workshop

(Online Version of Software)

A total of 13 hours of instruction and Q&A (6.5 hours/day) workshop that provides a brief overview on reading financial statements and then proceeds to teach the set-up and ongoing workflow of the QuickBooks Online software.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet for hands-on learning.

Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the proper set-up for their business; how to enter and process the ongoing financial transactions; and how to generate and customize reports.

Pricing: Flat fee

Bookkeeping Essentials

A 2-hour (in-person or virtual) workshop designed to demystify bookkeeping essentials for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Attendees will discover why bookkeeping is crucial for business success and learn effective benchmarks for efficient financial management. They will gain practical insights into organizing their books and understanding key financial terms such as assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses. 

The workshop will dive into the components of Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements, with hands-on exercises illuminating double-entry accounting principles and transaction impact analysis. It will explore troubleshooting techniques for maintaining accurate records and considerate factors in selecting the right bookkeeping software. 

Additionally, the workshop will uncover strategic considerations for deciding when and how to onboard a professional bookkeeper to streamline financial operations and support business growth. 

Pricing: Flat fee

Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements

A 2-hour (in-person or virtual) interactive workshop where we delve into the intricacies of financial statement analysis through real-world scenarios. Using a realistic small business case study, we'll explore the interplay between Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements, and Cash Flow Statements, deciphering how each informs the overall financial health of a business. Delving deeper, we'll uncover the '5 C’s of credit/lending' crucial for securing financing and evaluate two sets of financial statements—one exhibiting strong lending potential and the other demonstrating weaknesses—providing invaluable insights into factors impacting lending feasibility. Moreover, using sample company financial statements, participants will acquire fundamental analysis techniques, empowering them to assess a company's current financial state with confidence. 

Pricing: Flat fee

QuickBooks Workshop Attendees said....

"Kari was a fantastic presenter. I appreciated her upbeat, funny personality and excellent presentation style. She definitely knows her stuff! Her videos were on point and I had no idea about the QBO test drive. That was great. I was concerned that a "Basics" Class would be too basic, since I've been using QBO for about 2 years already. But, I learned a LOT! "  

-South Bend, IN 

"The QB seminar was fantastic. Kari was an amazing presenter and this was a much needed seminar for my colleague and I as we consider switching to QB online. Thank you so very much!"  

-South Bend, IN 

"This was a very informative class loaded with tons of helpful material applicable to our business.  Kari was “above” knowledgeable about QuickBooks. Kudos to all for this class! Thank you!"  

-Muncie, IN

"Kari was great, fun presentation and great w/answering all kinds of questions." 

-Muncie, IN 

"Kari was fantastic! So much valuable information, even though I don’t yet have QBO. She gave lots of information in an easy-to-understand, applicable manner. She was empowering that I can begin keeping my own books successfully." 

-Muncie, IN

"Thanks Kari!  I really enjoyed it. I have fewer questions than when I walked in. That is an accomplishment." 

-Richmond, IN