Host a workshop for the Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners you serve


(Online Version of Software)

A 5-6 hour workshop that provides a brief overview on reading financial statements and then proceeds to teach the set-up and ongoing workflow of the QuickBooks Online software.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet for hands-on learning.

Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the proper set-up for their business; how to enter and process the ongoing financial transactions; and how to generate and customize reports.

Flat fee & Headcount Pricing options available.

Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements

A 2-hour workshop that teaches and practices the "how-to's" of reading and analyzing a Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.

Attendees with leave with knowledge and multiple opportunities to practice the concepts and methods taught.

Flat fee & Headcount Pricing options available.

Strategic Planning

Utilizing multiple face-to-face meetings and questionnaire "homework" in between, this project will help an individual business or organization determine their current position (strengths & weaknesses) in their market and set a course to improve to the next level.

The business/organization will have a better understanding of their place in their specific market and how to grow to new heights. They will be provided analysis of the planning sessions and a customized project management template to continue tracking their goals and benchmarks after the initial planning has concluded.

Pricing: Flat fee

QuickBooks Basics Workshop Attendees said....

"Kari was a fantastic presenter. I appreciated her upbeat, funny personality and excellent presentation style. She definitely knows her stuff! Her videos were on point and I had no idea about the QBO test drive. That was great. I was concerned that a "Basics" Class would be too basic, since I've been using QBO for about 2 years already. But, I learned a LOT! "

-South Bend, IN Attendee, April 2022

"The QB seminar was fantastic. Kari was an amazing presenter and this was a much needed seminar for my colleague and I as we consider switching to QB online. Thank you so very much!"

-South Bend, IN Attendee, April 2022

"This was a very informative class loaded with tons of helpful material applicable to our business. Kari was “above” knowledgeable about QuickBooks. Kudos to all for this class! Thank you!"

-Muncie, IN Attendee, December 2021

"Kari was great, fun presentation and great w/answering all kinds of questions."

-Muncie, IN Attendee, December 2021

"Kari was fantastic! So much valuable information, even though I don’t yet have QBO. She gave lots of information in an easy-to-understand, applicable manner. She was empowering that I can begin keeping my own books successfully."

-Muncie, IN Attendee, December 2021

"Thanks Kari! I really enjoyed it. I have fewer questions than when I walked in. That is an accomplishment."

-Richmond, IN Attendee, December 2021